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Why choose Parkside?

Last Updated on Monday, 18 May 2015 09:06


Why choose private treatment in an NHS hospital?
Many private hospitals provide quality care but have limited facilities. As a private patient within an NHS Foundation Trust, you are assured of a comprehensive range of facilities on-site, 24-hours a day.///


Patients at the Parkside Suite have access to Frimley Park Hospital's up-to-date clinical facilities, including all levels of intensive care. The Hospital's operating theatres are fully equipped to undertake a wide range of surgery (including specialised orthopaedic procedures, which are carried out in our clean-air theatre). Back-up is also available from a comprehensive range of on-site expert carers, including specialist nurses and therapists.


Your private consultant will always be available to see you in an emergency situation, and you will have immediate access to any additional care which may be required. This includes access to a range of diagnostic facilities. It is, therefore, very rare for patients to be transferred out of Frimley Park Hospital for specialist treatment.


Team work
In most cases, consultants who treat private patients at the Parkside Suite have developed their NHS team within the Trust. The hospital is their professional base where they work with their specialist team of fellow consultants, surgeons, anaesthetists and support staff.


Supporting the NHS
The work that we do in Parkside benefits the wider community - all profits generated by the Parkside Suite contribute to the funding of front-line NHS services in Frimley Park Hospital. 


Frimley Park Hospital

We have been a consistently high achieving and successful hospital for many years:

  • In 2001 we received the coveted three gold stars award for the "highest levels of performance".
  • 124 out of the 135 people who recently rated our hospital would recommend it to a friend.
  • 93% of staff would recommend Frimley Park Hospital for treatment.
  • Independent health assessor Dr Foster Intelligence has ranked Frimley Park Hospital among the 10 safest hospitals in the country.
  • In April 2005 we became the first hospital in our area to be awarded Foundation Trust status.
  • Currently our quality of services is rated 'good' and financial management 'excellent' by NHS Choices.