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Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 November 2016 12:29



Parkside Pre-Operative Assessment

The Parkside Pre-Operative Assessment clinic is situated within the Parkside Suite and is there to make sure that our patients are at optimum health before undertaking surgery.  Before an operation, all in-patients are assessed on factors including medical history, blood tests, a physical examination and an MRSA screening.  Any other tests that need carrying out before the procedure will take place here to ensure that pre- and post-operative risk factors are kept to a minimum.



Rebecca Gosling

Pre-Operative Assessment Sister, Parkside Suite

Becky trained at Thames Valley University in London, she has worked at Frimley Park Hospital for 16 years including 5 years in ENT and Ophthalmology and 11 years in Urology pre-assessment. She regularly works on the ward as she feels that this keeps her clinical skills updated and is of benefit to her pre-operative patients. Becky is delighted to have been with us since June 2014.


Pre-Op Assessments clinic;  Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm.  Evening and weekend appointments are available on request, please call Parkside on 01276 604895.