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Last Updated on Monday, 29 December 2014 12:10


Parkside Physiotherapy


Dianne and Charmaine

 (L-R: Dianne Griffiths, Charmaine McKenzie)


The Parkside Physiotherapy Team, Charmaine McKenzie and Dianne Griffiths, provide a comprehensive service for all Parkside inpatients requiring physiotherapy treatment. Their services include assessment, treatment and discharge planning to support patients after their departure. They are available seven days a week and work closely with consultants and other medical staff in order to provide the best possible service.


The purpose of physiotherapy is to restore function, activity and independence. Physiotherapists encourage a holistic approach and will consider the patient’s work, leisure and lifestyle while determining their ability to self-manage.


If follow-up sessions are required after discharge, the Parkside Physiotherapy team will assist patients in finding local, private practitioners and/or arranging outpatient appointments. If transport and mobility is an issue, a visit from a domiciliary physiotherapist can be arranged.


Please note that follow-up outpatient treatment is not included in the cost of your stay at Parkside. Further payments should be arranged with the practitioner taking over your care.


For more information about physiotherapy or any other service, please contact the Parkside Suite on 01276 604895 or fill out our online enquiry form.


Dianne Griffiths

Dianne qualified in 1984 from Oswestry and North Stafforshire School of Physiotherapy. She went on to do general rotations at the Brook Hospital in London and Groby Road and Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, where she developed her special interest in critical care and respiratory medicine.


In 1987, she became a senior physiotherapist at Queen Mary's in Sidcup, where she managed the inpatient respiratory and general medicine team. She then moved to the Royal Berkshire and Battle Hospitals before taking a break to have children. Dianne returned to working weekends at the Parkside Suite and Clare Park Hospital before becoming physiotherapy team leader at Parkside in 2006. Charmaine and Dianne share the role of physiotherapist, bringing a combined experience in orthopaedics and respiratory physiotherapy to the unit.


With four children (who have very active social lives!) Dianne is kept busy, but enjoys doing the pub quiz with friends. She has recently taken up Nordic walking which provides good all-round exercise and is very social.


Charmaine McKenzie

Charmaine graduated from the University of Cape Town with a distinction degree in 1994.  She spent time working in South Africa and the USA before settling in the UK in 1997 with her husband.  Charmaine has been at Frimley Park Hospital for ten years and worked in the outpatient physiotherapy department and the Parkside Suite. Charmaine and Dianne share the role of physiotherapist, bringing a combined experience in orthopaedics and respiratory physiotherapy to the unit.


When not working or looking after her three children, Charmaine enjoys going to the gym, playing squash and walking.  She is also part of the women's health team, providing pregnancy and post-natal care in the maternity ward and physiotherapy department.