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Post Operative Care

Last Updated on Friday, 16 January 2015 10:14

Booking in for your procedure Pre-op assessment Arriving for your procedure Post-op care


As soon as you are able to eat and drink you will be offered refreshments.  Your choice of sandwich or cold food order will have been collected from you in advance, possibly at your Pre-Op appointment if you came in for one.  If you are in for a day procedure, the nurses will do observations and checks before you are ready to go home.  If you, a friend or a relative have parked in the car park, please take your car parking ticket to the nurses' station or the reception desk to have it validated.  This means you will not need to take it to a pay-station.


If you are in overnight, you will be brought a hot meal at dinner depending on the time of day you return from surgery.  Please see Cuisine (from the menus on the right) to find out more about the cuisine offered on the ward.  From then onwards, your consultant, nurses and other specialist members of staff will care for you until you are ready to return home.


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